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Welcome to Soma

Soma is the purpose designed artificial intelligence assistant built into our applications.  She uses complex data queries and our unrivalled FMCG DNA to help you become more profitable


Soma is pretty smart, and is constantly looking for ways to help you.  Here are a few examples of the suggestions Soma can make to help you

  • Effective sales reps perform research and analysis to identify the best customers to visit when building their visit plans, but most visit the same customers and prospects every week.  Dormant customers inevitably follow.  Soma can suggest customers who should be visited, making sales reps more efficient and increasing revenue


  • Customers tend to buy the same products again and again, so Soma can suggest which other products are likely to be of interest to the customer.  This helps grow sales, and makes the sales reps more productive 


  • Knowing your current sales position is great, but knowing what the position is likely to be in the future is even better.  Soma can forecast future sales, accounting for seasonality and underlying sales trends.  Armed with this information sales reps can take corrective action early if required so that you can achieve your goals


  • Putting too much stock, too little stock, or the wrong stock on a van sales vehicle is expensive.  Sales are potentially lost, product becomes damaged or dated, and transporting unnecessary stock is expensive.  Soma can forecast and create a suggested load request for the driver to reduce these costs 

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