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DSD Smart Order

Improve convenience and flexibility for your customers while reducing your costs.  Allow customers to place their own orders from their own  smartphone, retrieve copy POD invoices themselves and track their deliveries


Your customers can place a new order, amend an existing order, update an existing standing order, copy a previous order and track their order through your logistics chain.  Customers can receive SMS messages reminding them to order and confirming their order

Customers can perform activities easily

Customers can track their order through your supply chain. and retrieve a POD copy  This saves them calling you, increasing your productivity 

Customers can track their order

DSD Connect lets you see who has ordered and who has not so that you can call those who have not ordered

You always know what's going on

DSD Assist is a brand of Numeric Computer Systems, We have been providing FMCG solutions to companies around the world for more than 40 years 


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