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DSD Checker

Gather valuable trade intelligence, shelf and other in store information, and track in-store assets all from an Android phone or hand held computer


Each merchandiser is displayed their visit plan for the day.  Customers with messages are highlighted.  Any customers who are not visited during the day need a reason, so you know the status of all your customers. 

A Visit Plan focuses your Merchandisers

In the real world there are different activities you might want your merchandisers to perform in store.  Our configuration allows for a variety of different activities, all designed for merchandisers 

Different activities for merchandisers

Gather information regarding out of stock situations and delistings so that you can take action.  Knowing how much stock remains on the shelf helps you calculate consumer offtake

Gather shelf information

You can create and assign tasks for the merchandiser to perform in store.  Tasks can have a due date to remind the merchandiser to perform the task

In Store tasks for merchandisers

See how other Checker customers are using DSD Assist

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