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See how DSD Delivery works

DSD Delivery

Streamline the delivery of your orders. Give your drivers a fast and intuitive mobile app to deliver orders and pickup returns quickly, obtain a proof of delivery, collect payment from COD customers, track returnable containers and delivery temperature.


Drivers load their trucks in reverse delivery sequence to save time when they make deliveries.  Orders or items can be barcode scanned, and loading can be performed by zone in the warehouse for frozen, chilled and ambient items.  If visits are not already in the desired delivery sequence they can be optimised before loading.

It starts with loading the truck efficiently

Customers are displayed in delivery sequence and with only one or two taps the driver confirms the delivery.  Customer and order messages are displayed automatically.  Drivers can then add returns, collect a POD and payment from COD customers.  Trays and crates can be tracked into and out of the store. 

Fast and easy for the driver to deliver

Turn by turn navigation helps your driver get to the customer.  Optimisation ensures an efficient route.  Non delivery reasons are required if the delivery cannot be completed.  Chatter is built in so they can communicate with the office.  Retrieval of prior POD's for the customer is possible.

Tools to make the day easier

DSD Connect lets you move orders between trucks to balance your routes.  Once the drivers are on the road it's kept up to date in real time so you know where your drivers are, who has been delivered and who has not.  Track your drivers on a map and  see exactly when deliveries were made.  Reprint and send POD's to customers if needed.

You always know what's going on
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How other companies use DSD Delivery

DSD Delivry Customers
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