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DSD Van Sales

See how DSD Van Sales works

Van Selling is complicated.  Inventory to manage, multiple sales methods, payments to collect, invoices to print and everything must be reconciled perfectly. DSD Van Sales is designed for the job from the ground up. 

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Sales people can adjust their visit sequence for the day and perform a truck inspection before loading their truck.  They can even use our optimisation engine to sequence their customer visits.  Vehicle inventory can be in cases, units, weight or a mixture.  Any changes to the load are noted, with reason codes.  A signature is captured to confirm the transfer from the warehouse to the truck.  Even load temperature can be captured

Efficiency begins before leaving the depot

A true inventory balance is being maintained on the truck, updated with every transaction.  Sales people can order more stock for their truck, and perform a stocktake on their truck.  Any inventory adjustments made on the truck are recorded with a reason code

Truck inventory needs to be managed

Order templates based on customer history make it fast and easy to create a sale. Past orders can be copied and used as a template for today.  Build-to orders and shelf stock counts are available.  Returns are made by reason code.  Payments by cash, cheque or credit card are included.  Prior invoices can be included in the payment if desired. 

Sales, Returns and Payments made easy

Turn by turn navigation helps your driver get to the customer.  Optimisation ensures an efficient route.  Non delivery reasons are required if they cannot visit.  A sales tracker allows the sales person to see how they are progressing against sales targets.  Chatter is built in so they can communicate with the office or merchandisers.  Retrieval of prior invoices for the customer is possible.

Tools to make the day easier
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Once the trucks are on the road DSD Connect is kept up to date in real time so you know where your drivers are, who has been visited and who has not.  Track your drivers on a map and  see exactly when sales were made. Print reconciliation documents and reprint or email invoices to customers.

You always know what's going on

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