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See how DSD Assist can make your bakery business more efficient

Someone once said that the beauty of baking is in its simplicity


They obviously never talked to a baker trying to make, sell and deliver their products profitably and efficiently


Improved Customer Ordering

Customer ordering in a bakery is complex.  Standing orders to manage.  Cut off times to be enforced.  Using DSD Smart Order customers can place orders and manage their standing orders themselves from any smartphone. Customers can recieve SMS reminders to order before cutoff time.  You also get a report of who has not ordered and can call them if desired. And this integrates with the delivery plan so you do not compromise your delivery efficiency  

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Improved Delivery Efficiency

In a bakery business you often have long delivery runs for each truck and orders are delivered in the middle of the night, so speed is vital.  Our DSD Delivery solution reminds the driver of the keys or access codes for each customer before they leave the depot and at each customer.  Trucks are loaded by order and a delivery completed with only a few taps.  Returns can be collected and crates tracked.  Payment from COD customers can be accepted.  And if a delivery is made after hours then the driver's GPS location and a photograph can be used to confirm delivery.  Turn by turn navigation helps relief drivers find the store.

Improved Administration

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DSD Connect extends your ERP or accounting system.  A simple Drag and Drop interface allows you to move orders between trucks and maximise the efficiency of the fleet.  DSD Connect allows you to set up a delivery plan and manage standing orders. Once the trucks are on the road you can track the trucks on Google Maps, see who has been delivered, and view, print and email POD documents.  You can even do this from your own mobile phone if you are out of the office

Bakery Customers

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