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DSD Assist offers a complete and simple way to extend your Beer30 system, improving your sales process.  With specialised mobile systems for your sales reps, incorporating a Mobile CRM, DSD Assist enhances your business. Integrated with Beer30 DSD Assist reduces costs and provides flawless communication between your mobile workers and your management team. 


Mobile CRM and Sales Representatives

If you use Beer30 and have sales representatives visiting wholesale customers, using DSD Assist enables your mobile workers to

  • Plan and optimise their journey plans

  • Create Prospects and update customer details

  • Review customer sales and performance

  • Create Sales Orders and Returns

  • Use our Soma    AI to identify upsell opportunities

  • Use a beautiful catalog to make sales to customers

  • Complete surveys, tasks and ranging reviews in store

  • Create customer notes


B2B Customer Web Ordering

While there are many web ordering solutions, we believe we offer additional features of value to both you and your customers 

  • Filters to find products based on Product Attributes

  • Products recently purchased by customer featured

  • Customer Templates and Featured items to grow sales

  • Delivery Schedule can to established to ensure logistics efficiency

  • Customer can create Favorites or Pantry items 

  • Freight can be added automatically

  • Sales Reps notified of customers who have placed orders

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What information is exchanged between Beer30 and DSD Assist

Using the Beer30 api's data is exchanged in both directions

  • Customers, Products and Invoice History are extracted from Beer30

  • Product volumes are mapped in DSD Assist

  • Price List pricing is extracted from Beer30

  • Sales Orders are created in Beer30 by DSD Assist

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