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Filters added for Customer Pricing and Searching

Filters have been added on the Customer Pricing page, and when searching for products to make it easier to focus on the products you wish



Warning is price is different from last price for the customer

If the price for the item is different from the last price the customer purchased the item for a messge is displayed so that you are aware.  This is a configuration that needs to be enabled

Only show items in Stock

To avoid backorders we have added a configuration to hide items that are not in stocks or to stop items not in stock from being ordered



Show product barcode in Catalog

We are now showing the product barcode in the Product Catalog if one has been laoded in your data.  This is to help identify the product for clients with large product ranges


Credit Status of customer checking

We have added a configuration to warn the sales rep if more than 80% of the available credit limit has been consumed and if there are invoices more than 45 days overdue


Credit Limit Checking

If we have the data from the ERP we can check the value of the order and the available credit limit for the customer to ensure that the order does not exceed the available credit limit

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