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DSD Assist offers a complete and simple way to extend your GlobalBake system, improving your sales and delivery processes.  With specialised mobile systems for your sales reps, and delivery drivers DSD Assist enhances your business. Integrated with GlobalBake, DSD Assist reduces costs and provides flawless communication between your mobile workers and your management team. 


Mobile CRM and Sales Representatives

If you use GlobalBake and have sales representatives visiting wholesale customers, using DSD Assist enables your mobile workers to

  • Plan and optimise their journey plans

  • Create Prospects and update customer details

  • Review customer sales and performance

  • Create Sales Orders and Returns

  • Use our Soma    AI to identify upsell opportunities

  • Use a beautiful catalog to make sales to customers

  • Complete surveys, tasks and ranging reviews in store

  • Create customer notes


Delivery Planning and Execution

If you use GlobalBake and deliver products to wholesale customers using your own fleet of vehicles, integrating with DSD Assist enables you to

  • Plan and optimise your delivery routes

  • Load vehicles in reverse delivery sequence

  • Complete Pre and Post Run check lists

  • Track deliveries from when they leave your warehouse to the customer

  • Capture signature or photograph of delivery for POD

  • Collect Payment for COD customers

  • Centrally manage fleet inspection checks and defect reporting

What information is exchanged between GlobalBake and DSD Assist

Using the GlobalBake Integration data is exchanged in both directions

  • Customers and Products are extracted from GlobalBake 

  • Orders and Delivery Schedules are extracted from GlobalBake

  • Sales Orders and Returns are created in GlobalBake by DSD Assist

  • Crates are tracked

Customer Stories

See how GlobalBake customers are using DSD Assist

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