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Deploy Better.  Sell Better.  Deliver Better.

Distributing FMCG products is complicated 


You have all the complexities and customer demands of a big business but without their resources 

Plus, you typically have to deal with multiple product suppliers with varying terms and lead times


It can be a juggling act matching your supply chain with sales orders, and meeting customer expectations. In this environment you can only achieve profitablity if you are efficient and automating as much as possible. We have proven experience in this area.  JCurve Solutions provides leading cloud ERP systems, and partner with the DSD Assist solutions from NCS to provide integrated hand held systems for sales reps, delivery drivers and van sales on the road.  These solutions have been designed specifically for FMCG distributors to help improve efficiency and driver sales performance.


Here are a few examples of how we can remove complexity from your business and improve your efficiency

Supermarkets want you to use EDI - solved

Create visit plans and delivery schedules - solved

Need to track warehouse inventory by date code - solved

Integrate with sales, delivery and van sales hand helds - solved

Automatic reordering of inventory from your suppliers - solved

Reporting of sales, promotions and issues to brand owners - solved

Automatically generate transactions to suppliers for deliveries made on their behalf - solved

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