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The Benefits of Sign on Glass

If you’re delivering your products to customers then chances are you have a process for capturing a proof of delivery. Having a ‘proof of transaction’ process in place is critical.

Traditionally Food and Beverage firms have customers sign a paper based invoice or delivery docket. Therefore the physical copy is required to complete the processing cycle that may include invoicing and payment.

As with most things, a paper document can present a number of challenges including storage, retrevial and loss.

Here’s a few ways Sign on Glass technology can improve your business .

1. Reduce the need to print to paper

The real cost of paper lies not just in the printed page, but in the time involved in managing its life cycle and the risks associated with incomplete or lost documents. Technologies like DSD Delivery that incorporates Sign on Glass means you can save on printing and manual handling costs. Most importantly you will never lose an important customer document again.

2. Reduce Risk by proving it, in multiple ways

Payment disputes are all too common, and while the customer might not ‘always be right’ the lack of proof of transaction means you sometimes wear the costs. Sign on Glass solutions remove that burden, consequently helping to ensure you never get caught out by lack of proof of delivery.

Signature capture, appending photos, geotagging and time stamping on deliveries are some of the features of DSD Delivery. You can also include notes in case of damaged, incorrect, incomplete or non-accepted goods. With this extra information, automatically trigger follow up actions based on pre-determined rules or notes.

3. Increase Visibility and Control

Enhance your visibility, control and access to comprehensive information. All proof of delivery details, and associated metadata – signatures, photo’s, geotagging and notes, are captured and can be associated to source transaction in your ERP and immediately accessible.