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Cloud Document Storage

We have recently added integration to the leading Cloud based Document Storage systems from Dropbox, Box, Google and Microsoft. to our products

This means that you can store Planograms, Out of Stock Reports, Sales Reports, Marketing Brochures, Product Specifications, Forms and a whole host of different documents in a single secure place, and your mobile sales and delivery team can access them directly from within their DSD Assist application.

This obviously helps them be more productive, and also ensures that they always have the most accurate and up to date versions of these documents,

Obviously you will need to have an account with one of these Storage providers but all have free plans that might have enough storage for your needs. They also all have extended plans with more storage, and the ability to have multiple users all with different access rights so you chose what documents they can see.

This is a 2-way integration so the mobile user can also add documents to the storage that instantly become visible to all users

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