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Stripe Credit Card Payments

As you know, collecting payment from your customers is vital. We today announce that we have added Stripe as an additional card payment option to our existing Eway and Mint payment gateways. The three options are all different and offer different features.

We have had a number of requests from customers to allow a credit card to be saved so that payment can be completed by the driver, even if the card holder is not at the store at the time of the delivery. For Stripe we have added this feature. For security the card details are held by Stripe on their PCI complient servers and not on the DSD Assist servers.

When the driver makes a delivery, if there is a credit card saved for the customer, the driver is asked if they wish to use the saved card to make payment

Equally, when the driver enters the details of a card for payment they are asked if they would like to save the card details for the customer for future use

In the Stripe Portal the payment is shown clearly for your reconciliation needs, and settlement is made to your bank account a few days later

We like how easy it is to create a Stripe account with it all done online. There s no need for a merchant facility from your bank as Stripe provides everything you need

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