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No More Missed Deliveries

How often does a driver return to the depot at the end of the day with 1 or 2 orders not delivered? And it is always the furtherest away delivery that is missed, or the most critical customer. In short, it is the most expensive order to redeliver that always seems to not be delivered.

We have added some Artifical Intelligence (AI) algorithms into our DSD Delivery application to check that the driver can reach all the customers on their delivery trip before the store closes. And it does this throughout the day to take into account the real delivery situation on the trip and real traffic patterns.

Of course if we detect any likely non-delivery situations we let the driver know, and send a text message to the office so that the office can talk with the driver and the customer.

Just another example of how the DSD Assist solutions help make your business better and more profitable

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