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Ordermentum Integration

Many companies use Ordermentum for their web ordering but, for a Food and Beverage comapny, that is only part of the story. Orders need to be delivered to customers, and there may also be sales reps on the road engaging with customers.

We have built an integration with Ordermentum to address these gaps

Delivering Orders

Once an order is recieved in Ordermentum the order is sent to your accounting or ERP system for invoicing and fulfillemnt. We can extract those orders from your system, allocate them to delivery trucks and optimise the delivery sequence for the orders. When the driver makes delivery they can capture a 'sign on glass' signature from the customer, and if payment is not made using Ordermentum then the driver can collect payment. Our DSD Delivery solution provides you this solution, allowing you to track the driver and monitor performance

Sales Reps

If you have sales reps visiting customers then they could use use our DSD Salesforce solution on an ipad to gather and review customer diary notes, range check the shelf and track equipment in the store like coffee machines, fridges and freezers. If the sales rep wishes to place an order we have a built in link to allow them to place an order in Ordermentum using the 'Order on Behalf' functionality of Ordermentum. Sales Reps can plan their day, and their futire days, or you can send a visit plan to the tablet for the sales rep and then measure actual visists vs planned visists and the visit outcomes

Our integration with Ordermentum allows to to enhance your customer relationships

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