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Collecting Payment from COD Customers

A constant problem for Food and Beverage customers is collecting payments from COD customers. We all know that a COD should pay for the goods when delivered but to make that a reality increasingly our customers are looking for a variety of payment methods to make it easy to collect payment.

Traditionally COD customers have made payment by Cash or Cheque. But as both of these methods are used increasingly less frequently, the cost to deal with these payment methods increases, and the growing security issues surrounding cash payments increasingly we have looked at alternative payment methods for our customers.

Eway provide us a ‘card not present’ gateway solution we have integrated into our solutions. Using this model a sales rep can enter the card details into our application, we call the Eway payment gateway, validate the details, the card is debited and we note the invoice as paid. All this happens in real time while the rep is still in-store. Settlement is made by Eway directly to you.

We have also recently added Mint as a payment option also.

Mint have small card reader that allows us to perform a ‘card present’ transaction where the card is swiped or tapped. Additionally we can accept EFTPOS payments as the unit has an encrypted keypad. Furthermore, digital wallets from Apple and Android can be used for payment. This improves the payment options further, making it easier again for COD customers to make payment.

Importantly we never hold any card details in our system or on our servers. This ensures that card security is not compromised. Also, there is some significant certification required of our app by the payment gateways to make sure that we comply with the various test cases that they require.

And what of the future. We are looking at other payment options like Afterpay and Zip which would effectively provide trading terms to your COD customers, but you get the payment as if they are still a COD customer.

Getting payment quickly and easily from your COD customers, integrated into your sales, delivery and van sales solutions helps your business grow

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