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Tracking Bread and Milk Crates

Bread and Milk products are typically delivered in reusable plastic crates. And the empty creates need to be picked up by the delivery driver so that they can be reused on subsequent deliveries. If you cannot get these empty crates returned you eventually run out and need to buy more. The cost to the business is significant.

In the DSD Assist ecosystem this problem is addressed using a combination of two products, DSD Connect and DSD Delivery.

Using DSD Delivery, when the driver makes a delivery to a customer that includes a crate then the driver is automatically promoted to enter the number of returns they are picking up.

The total empty crates collected are reconciled at the end of the day and, we maintain a rolling balance of crates at each customer.

In DSD Connect you can run a report of the create balance and crate transactions to see who has not been making returns. These customers can be contacted and the driver specifically reminded to pick up empty crates for these customers.

The net result - you lose fewer crates and need to buy fewer new crates.

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